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About Us

GEMOFITT Public Health Initiative Nigeria

GEMOFITT Public Health Initiative Nigeria, a public health research organization that not only efficiently delivers confirmed health interventions to designated communities in Nigeria but also works in partnership with seasoned academics in public health institutions, universities and health research centres to carry out cutting-edge public health studies necessary to drive national health policies.

As is done in the developed nations of the world, the organization is out to create an opportunity for public-private-partnership to strengthen the public health system in Nigeria through its various activities.

A major reason many proven public health interventions have not really been seen to be effective in the country as evidenced by the current unacceptable status of our public health indicators is the inadequate collaboration between private and public health organizations.

Presently, the tenacity to follow a health intervention through to a productive level in public organizations or settings is weak and sometimes not existing. This is the gap our organization seeks to fill. At GEMOFITT, a major part of our public health activities is the commitment to work relentlessly towards the delivery and sustainability of both new and existing promising public health interventions in Nigeria.

Depending on the projects’ target population per time, our organization works with relevant stakeholders, for example, community leaders, religious leaders, youth leaders, leaders of trades and businesses, chairpersons of association or union, schools pupils and teachers etc.

More often than not, GEMOFITT will work with health policymakers or authorities and relevant government agencies and parastatals, Ministry of Health MoH and disease control programme agencies at the Local Government, State and Federal levels for the delivery and sustainability of affordable and quality public health services and interventions in Nigeria.

The organization is registered in Nigeria as GEMOFITT Mobile Nursing and Public Health Services Consultants.

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